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うる星やつら episode 26 (2002)
Urusei Yatsura 26 (2022) review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Lum waits to see Ataru join her at 4pm for their date. At 4:15, Ataru goes on a date and scores. He trades with a friend at 5pm to meet Lum. Lum is embraced, however, by a teenage boy wearing only tiger briefs. The boy is immune to Lum’s electric attacks. Ataru gets angry, but when he sees Lum’s happy face over this, he backs off. Lum rides the elephant with the boy.

After spending the night with the boy at his jungle cabin, the boy refuses to let her leave as he’s decided to make her his bride. Lum decides that he will stay in order to make Ataru jealous. The next day, Lum comes to the school and opens a portal to the boy’s jungle. Ataru and Shinobu are compelled to chase Lum and the boy. Shuutarou, knowing that they are facing an electrical foe in the form of Lum and the boy, takes them to his mansion where an old gardener lives to obtain special suits.

Urusei Yatsura 26

Lum also entices Ataru, and his friends to come after Lum with a false broadcast. The boy defeats the group and drags Lum away when they enter the electric jungle. He manipulates Lum to feel sorry for him, so that he can bind Lum. The group learns that the boy is actually the long-lost grandson of the old gardener. Ataru intercepts Lum and the boy.

Urusei Yatsura 26

During a fight, the child breaks his television, whom he refers as his grandfather. Shinobu offers Shino (Shingo) to go back to the real grandfather. Lum apologizes to Ataru for her part in the mess. Ataru is hesitant to acknowledge the apology, but does so anyway.

Urusei Yatsura 26


I remember the story that was told in Urusei Yatsura 26When I watched OG anime episode 192. The original manga story was taken from chapters 301-302, 303-304. Story-wise, the stories that show how Ataru cares for Lum are always the best.

Urusei Yatsura 26

Jungle Life

Shingo in Urusei Yatsura 26This is a tribute Tarzan. It is a pretty bizarre story. It’s true that the entire series was bizarre, but it is hard to argue with the fact that a boy grew up alone in a man-made, electrified forest on the Mendou estate. I get it was some weirdo vegetable experiment. Why the animals?

Urusei Yatsura 26

I liked seeing Lum dressed for her date with Ataru, despite the stupidity. I didn’t mention it in my review of the OG anime adaptation, but I did always wonder why Ataru would ask Lum on a date. Much like the jungle setting and Shingo’s jungle life, the date felt contrived for the sake of the story. Ataru went out on a date and even managed to land a girl. Still, Lum did look cute.

Urusei Yatsura 26

The purpose of the episode, however, was to create a story in which Ataru would become jealous and fight for Lum. And to be honest, while the humor did nothing for me, I did appreciate Ataru’s brief honesty in how he views Lum. Lum appreciated that. Takahashi Sensei, for the sakes of gags and comedy, never allowed the characters ever to grow. Tomorrow, Ataru returns back to normal.

Urusei Yatsura 26

Final Thoughts

The end is near Urusei Yatsura 26Does a whacked, TarzanParody to show Ataru’s care for Lum. It wasn’t funny to me, but I did enjoy the episode all the same.

Urusei Yatsura 26

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