Dark Souls


I've heard so many people bitch and complain that FromSoftware "Ruined" Dark souls by Remastering it, From what all I know is they've made the graphics better and fixed the FPS issues.
and all the annoying game breaking Glitches like how someone can go from the start to level 99 in everything in a few minutes,
They've fixed all the game breaking bugs and now the game is "Ruined" some people need to know the difference between being good at the game and using bugs and exploits to ruin a good game.

If you were conflicted about buying it from hearing about how they ruined the game, it's most likely they were the ones running around with max everything.

the game is great, get it if you're interested.

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I've only played Bloodborne, which people regard as a spiritual successor to Dark Souls. And it was incredibly hard, and I'm not one for games like that and that's why I didn't check this series out.

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It's ruined because now they actually have to play the game as intended. But if they still have issues with it, just play the original and not the remaster.


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