Hiiro no Kakera


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So I watched this sometime ago which..... I think was made for female viewers (which is pretty obvious with all the special endings at the end of the episodes.) as this anime seem to focus on a lot of boring male bonding talk.

That aside, I will praise this anime for two things, one being its awesome and calming OST and its beautiful artwork/animation done in a fall coloring. Despite being strong in that, the story was..... less than that.

For the story it seem either awkward or didn't really flow well, I couldn't tell which but there was just times it was kind of painful to watch as the bad guys could have won from the start but their leader hesitated for some reason and the predecessor to the main female lead was no help at all when should have been helping.

So yeah, if you're in for OST and looks this is a good anime, otherwise I would say pass on it.


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