Star Wars the Last Jedi

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Anyone here see the latest Star Wars movie the last jedi? If so what did you think?


I was planning on checking it out but due to cirucumstances and me having zero interest in it prevented me. Plus, Rogue One was a huge disappointment for me. I just didn't realise that.
I'll check it out once it's out on other media.

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It was alright. I enjoyed Kylo Ren and Rey's interactions.

Spoiler :
I was intrigued at the possibility of either of them jumping ship.
Other parts of the movie were not what I expected. Felt a bit like missed opportunities.
I did enjoy seeing Skywalker's help.

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I saw it and overall, found a lot of it kind of boring and not greatly written out. Though I do recognize this entire episode as a setup for greater stuff down the line, so hopefully ep 9 is fantastic.


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