Why doesn't anyone here post photos of themselves?


(05-30-2018, 06:47 AM)Mansi14 Wrote: I don't particularly mind doing that, just seems kind of off-topic.
I would surely not post my real picture at all if I were the same as when I was last active here because of plain fear of judgement. "Such an immature kid, what is she even doing here?", "Kids aren't healthy these days... They have become couch potatoes", etc. were the comments I'd mentally make to myself to convince that this is what others will definitely say.

Over the time, few of my real life friends have taken my really "meme-able" pictures and posted on social media (does have privacy) and I have dared to make real life changes to my looks and post them online publicly. So I pretty much did what I was scared of and now I'm over it xD That was really a confidence boast. 

Bullying over looks, racism, fat-shaming, abusing of pictures and videos happen not only in Western part of the world, or Japan or India. I'm pretty sure it happens everywhere in one form or other.
It's not like people don't share their private information in India xD If anything, I listen to crimes (or at least teenage dramas of someone's leaked nudes or something) related to pictures every other day... 

It is quite stupid... How do people have enough time to be discussing fats, bones and colours. Well, people judge regardless of anything, so the best thing you can ever do for yourself is forgive and accept yourself. Pictures come later... You aren't the disgusting weirdo you were made to believe you were...
Being disinterested in sharing pictures in one thing and being afraid(of judgement, not security issues) to do the same is another. Security issues exist yeah (._.) Well, I personally don't mind that anymore. I mean I cannot imagine the worst way in which my pictures can be used. (there can be worst scenarios, just not for me) 

Dude, have you ever considered cosplaying Mihawk Hawkeye?! Those eyes Nosebleed

Don't Indians share their photos online?
Terms and Conditions regarding privacy and security warning are given globally in almost every online portal, aren't they?

Same issues everywhere Tongue


That would be disgusting ._ .

You wouldn't take them seriously because they are as much flawed as you are. They are just getting the upper hand by making you feel you are probably lower than them?

I have witnessed such incidents. They are be truly horrifying mentally. (_ _)
One disciplined and well-mannered family you are from, Star.

Trust me, Indians try to westernize so much, we haven't failed to adopt the meanness either. Also, nah, as Star said, bullies exist everywhere...

You go girl...

Some people use internet to reveal themselves while some use it conceal themselves. It is rather funny.

I am slightly overweight but not obese. I am trying to get rid of the fat but couldn't resist that junk food


(06-03-2018, 07:22 PM)SecretWish Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register] that's him. real name is tyler and i lost contact with him some time ago. i shouldn't have given a fake phone number for my email address  retrieval

Why do you care about him so much?

[Image: lNttqg.gif]

(06-11-2018, 11:36 PM)Elvis Wrote: Why do you care about him so much?

because he supported me when i needed and he always good a good word to offer to me. what more can i ask?


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