hate mate


(10-19-2017, 02:08 AM)Sindar Wrote: I meant both of you, obviously : P Also please, be careful with words, people can be offended when you swear at them. And if we keep having fights, regardless for which reason, this place will lose its charm. So, please help me maintain somewhat pleasant atmosphere here, 'kay? =)

I am not trying to attract even more attention and it wasn't me who is in the wrong. I was swearing but I see the swear words here and there and I don't get why I am the only one who is being told to keep it under control.
I have seen threads that get sidetracked and the topic changes from anime to anime. So, why does the thread section matter?
I got it. If she comes at me again. I am leaving and I am not trash to stick around a place where I am clearly getting targeted.


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