Gate Manga


It was certainly a fantastic manga and the anime series was spot on.

I will not lie. I first thought it would just be another stupid manga about war and stuff which was never my interest , but then my friend was reading the manga so I just joined in and boy was I bewildered , everything I thought about it was wrong.

I'm not gonna spoil much but let me just say , it isn't what you think!it's not an army to army war shiiz  nope. Read it and you'll find out :p


I had no idea there was a GATE manga, neat.

I guess it is a double-edged sword, at least with the anime version which is what I am basing my opinion of it. I felt like there was a lot of wasted potential when they would bring other nations but never really explored much of them, I think it could have been possible without hindering the close characters story.

That aside, I didn't feel the story exceptionally compelling but it did have its moments, assuming the anime didn't stray much from the manga. I definitely wouldn't mind trying the manga next time I crave GATE, who knows? I might find I enjoy it a lot better than I did the anime.

In general, it was a nice story.

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I have never heard of gate anime or manga. Does anime cover everything present in the manga?


Is it out youjo senki? I wouldn't want to read a manga just good tactics.
No way I can get into a normal manga

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