Imori 201's review~

(06-05-2017, 10:35 PM)Arsudar Wrote: Yeah that is also partly true. But I also believe it reflects the state of an entire young society. I mean take the current "resurrection trend" as example. I don't think it is coincidence that many Japanese light novel authors often think of dying and living in another world/realm. It's like they, the authors themselves, are tired of their life and they wish something change. They may believe that there is no hope in reality and they just live with their hope, even if it is unreal. And if we consider the current state of Japan's society, it seems this theory is partly true.

I haven't read it, but i've heard it from TheAnimeMan and I agree with him... FTW Japan?

I have heard  of pretty lame stories but that one wins the award.


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