Rukia vs orihime


(10-01-2017, 03:16 AM)Prince Wrote: (SPOILERS) I donno how to tag the spoilers :") I think I heard from somewhere that chad and inoue's powers came from ichigos' leaking reitsu for 2543754375 years but i'm not sure. Following that, I think It's safe to assume Orihime has a lot of her own, for the powers to even manifest as she is human. It'd be a tough battle seeing how she beat the arrancar by reversing his aging she could probably do the same to rukia, if they were going for the kill. But ultimately Orihime is a healer. She didn't fight as much as almost everyone else and she didn't practice with her offensive powers as much as she should have during multiple active wars. 

Rukia on the other hand, has been trained to fight since the academy and has been an active fighter during most of the series. She has honed her technique, though she hasn't mastered her Bankai Rukia has more experience in battle. She also has more in her arsenal that she actually knows how to use.

So, my vote goes to Rukia.

But in hand-to-hand my vote is Orihime. She's blackbelt remember? though rukia has been training for years, her moves are outdated and can be easily countered. Orihime has a more modern way of combat that rukia hasn't seen yet.

[ spoiler ] whatever you want to spoil [ / spoiler ]

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(10-01-2017, 03:27 AM)MadaraUchiha Wrote: [ spoiler ] whatever you want to spoil [ / spoiler ]

Remove all the spaces. Try it once.

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