TheOASG Podcast episode 189: Did They Really Need to License That many titles?


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Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen talk about what they’ve been up to over the past two weeks on Super Bowl Sunday! (The Superb owl talk comes later and is very brief). You’ll note a certain someone attempting to talk about their backlog (and Baby Bear’s BakeryWhile one person talks about Katsucon, another is talking about the preparations. You can likely figure out who’s talking about who from that!


7:36: After a long time, Funimation’s app service will be discontinued on April 2, 2019.. Justin and Helen talk about how long it’s taken to do this, their (lack of) optimism of shows on Funimation going to Crunchyroll in time (SlayersThis is one of them!) Here’s a little more on one of the long-time anime companies saying goodbye.

14:18:Last year the leaks became a little out of control. It seems this was a breaking-point, as Few foreigners were arrested after posting magazine imagesWeekly Shonen Jump is published in print well before its digital publication. The two hosts discuss the effectiveness of the magazine so far, and how this will impact things going forward.

17:24:You can also find out more about the following: Trigun Deluxe EditionDark Horse announced it last year but, after it missed two publication dates, it had to announce it is now being published. The release window has been shifted to Fall 2024. This gets Justin talking to Penguin Random House. (And also acknowledging Dark Horse’s other delays at the same time!)

19:48: Quality Assurance in Another WorldYou are not going to This Spring, air is in the air; My Hero Academia A sudden break occurred due to Horikoshi’s illness, so the two hosts hope he’ll be rested and be healthy in his return;

20:44:The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other:World of Narue Creator Tomohiro Marukawa passed away due to ischemic heart disease at 53 years old, which gets Justin to briefly recall his experience with the anime…and in picking up the Japanese manga ages ago.

22:10:The two hosts talk about the Hinako Ashihara, the death ofThe man was found dead, apparently by suicide. Since then, a number of stories have been published. Many questions will need to be asked in the coming weeks and months to prevent it from happening again.


24:37:Justin and Helen have basically concluded that VIZ has announced all new products they’re releasing for the entire year in this latest licensing announcement event. The titles announced (apart from the digital-exclusives) were planned for Fall 2024.

  • Last Quarter
  • Spider-Man: Octo-Girl
  • Colette Decides to die
  • Trillion Game 
  • After God 
  • Otaku Vampire’s Love Bite
  • Kaiju No. Exclusive on the Third Division
  • Rainbows After Storms
  • Wanted! Eiichiro Oda Before One Piece
  • Kimetsu No Yaiba: Koyoharu Gotouge before Demon Slayer
  • Uncanny: The Origins of Fear(Junji Ito memoir)
  • X-Men manga
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland: The Manga–Anthology 
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Shining Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak
  • Jojo A-Go!Go!
  • Red River (3-in-1) 
  • The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Box Set
  • Vampire Knight Complete Set Box Set
  • Pokémon: The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide Box Set
  • Studio Ghibli – Architecture in Animation
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service: Film Comic (Deluxe Hardcover)
  • Nue’s Exorcist (Digital)
  • Kill Blue (Digital)
  • Tokyo Demon Bride Story (Digital)

33:51: Shiro Moriya’s Astro BabyAdditions to the list Shonen Jump & MANGA Plus, while Mari Yamazaki’s Thermae Romae reduxHelen was intrigued by the fact that these creators had their previous titles published by companies named VIZ.

34:51: Seven Seas’ Wonderful WednesdaysContinue on with New licensesWednesdays

  • WhiteFlame & Ichika’s Hatsune Miku Cantarella “Poison of Blue”
  • Yuri Sonoda’sMaruru and Hachi, Cat Companions
  • Chohokiteki Kaeru & Kanase Benchi’s Witch and Mercenary (Airship imprint)
  • Three different Mushoku Tensei titles: A Journey of Two Lives, Recollections (Digital Exclusive), & Redundant Reincarnation

35:57:Not surprising news PANDANIA’s Cthulhu CatHas been licensed. It’s that Seven Seas didn’t license it is the major shocker, despite Dark Horse also being a publisher of cats.

37:51:Kodansha is continuing their English-first publishing program. Yoshinori Matsuoka’s Re:Anima Japan is ahead of the U.S.

Streaming News

39:31:The movie Anya will be released in theaters on April 30th. Spy x Family MovieThe North American tour will begin in April. Kimi ni Todoke, A 2009 Show Now has an English Dub. After so many years, the first 2 seasons now have English voiceovers. They’re hoping people will get refreshed and revisit the series in this way before the third season airs sometime in 2024.

Weird News

41:50:AnimeNEXT was launched in the United States. This year’s cancellationsThis seems to be a good thing, considering what happened in the past year.

44:05:The actual Pokémon Trading Card You can read more about it here Two thieves caught on camera stealing worthless cards is weird, ANN’s caption for this really made it double the weird (in hilarity).

45:50: Sasaki and Peeps The studio is going all out to make sure that the premise has a lot of action. Sasaki voices are available from a variety of Sasaki actorsActing in minor roles is commendable.

47:28:Helen and Justin finally try to decipher the various levels of hackception. Ghost in the ShellSites February 3, where hacking was in honor of The laughing Man, and actual hack???

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