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Six titles from Debonosu Works and Shiravune—Dawn of Kagura: Hatsuka’s Story, Dawn of Kagura: Keika’s Story, Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story, Dawn of Kagura: Maika’s Story – The Dragon’s Wrath, Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka’s StoryTAMAKAGURA : Tales of TurmoilMangaGamer is now available!

Dawn of Kagura consists of a series of roguelike RPGs that can be replayed!


  • Turn-based combat. Roguelike adventure!
  • The right challenge is always available with the right difficulty.
  • Shop, upgrade, and top up your youkai’s powers.
  • Master the art of summoning many types of youkai to combat.
  • Story and gameplay lasting 10+ hours.

This game features roguelike gameplay mechanics, including dungeon layouts, enemy battle formations and dungeon layouts that change with each playthrough. It also features the fan-acclaimed ”Pandemonium” and ”Youkai Soulshare” systems from previous ”Dawn of Kagura” installments. Strengthen the youkai you’ve accepted into your ranks and use them to face down even greater monsters!

The Developer: Debonosu Works
RatingAdult Only, Censored With Mosaics
Voice: Female Voice Only

Dawn of Kagura: Hatsuka’s Story

On her way home after completing a quest to exorcise a terrible yokai, Hatsuka Otowa receives a phone call from Mizumori Shrine—the Shinto shrine her family has run for generations. It’s her father, who wants her to set out on a new quest immediately. Hatsuka, who has just returned from her last quest, is upset. Why is she going and not Keika, her older sister? She agrees to the deal her father makes with her. Hatsuka meets a young Priest at the shrine who sent out the SOS. She is informed that yokai are appearing in the neighborhood along with some unseasonable weather. Sensing a mysterious force in the nearby woods, Hatsuka is convinced that it’s the source of all the local problems and confidently sets off to complete her quest.

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Dawn of Kagura: Keika’s Story

Hatsuka is already on another quest when Keika receives the request to vanquish youkai. Keika, wanting to set an excellent example for Hatsuka who is often late to training and is not disciplined, visits the village Shinto-priest who made the original request. This priest tells Keika about a giant monkey Youkai that has led other Youkai on a rampage around his village. She confidently accepts the request alone, believing that her powers as a priestess would help overcome them…

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Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story

Natsu is alone in her shrine when a chief from a nearby village approaches and asks for her help. He informs Natsu that youkai have taken over the village and asks her to help defeat them. Natsu is reluctant to leave the shrine unattended. She decides to fight the youkai alone and save the nearby town.

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Dawn of Kagura: Maika’s Story – The Dragon’s Wrath

Maika Tono is renowned across the country for sealing a nine tailed fox Youkai. Midway through another day of training apprentice priestesses, she is offered a shockingly daunting quest—to appease the anger of a dragon god whose shrine was destroyed by a certain village’s plans for tourist-based redevelopment. Incited by the Ryujin’s wrath, various youkai have also gone berserk and the villagers are unable to escape the ensuing chaos. To save the villagers, Maika decides to accept and go into battle once more…

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Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka’s Story

In a regional city in the present day, Sayaka Mimuro manages her family’s Shinto shrine on behalf of her absent parents. Together with her childhood best friend Haru, and a talking rabbit (furball? ), Sayaka Mimuro manages the Shinto shrine of her family in a regional city today. God, she lives in peace, but when a quake strikes, aggressive spirits appear and her life is shattered.

Sayaka receives divine tidings that the only one who can save the city is herself—she’s actually an Onmyoji with the power to vanquish spirits! However, in order to unlock her powers, she must first perform certain rituals with a man…

”…If I’m the only one who can do it, then I guess I have no choice!”

Sayaka is bewildered to say the least, but her natural sense of justice gives her the resolve to fight…

”There is only one person I can ask to do this and that’s you, Haru… Please?”

Sayaka, with no one else to turn too, asks Haru for the male partner that she needs to perform her rituals. With his help, Sayaka finally unlocks her battle-princess powers to wage war on the spirits that ravage her city…


  • Turn-based combat. Expel spirits in the night.
  • Shop, upgrade, top up your power by day.
  • Master 15 spirits each with their own unique abilities.
  • 15+ hours of storyline and gameplay.

The Developer: Debonosu Works
RatingAdult Only, Censored with Mosaics
VoiceFemale voice only

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TAMAKAGURA – Tales of Turmoil

Yuuma, a freelancer exorcist, struggles with his own ideals versus the harsh reality around him. When his childhood friend Yukari Kaburagi suddenly gains exorcist powers of her own, Yuuma at first tries to keep her out of the fray… but after some unexpected twists and turns, the two agree to fight youkai side-by-side in Inakibi Village. Soon another priestess—Chihaya Inudoh, from Kijimori Shrine—joins their party to complete her exorcist training, and the trio set out on their journey together! As more and more urgent quests pour in, they protect the peace of the land from evil, but a terrible threat rises to stand in their way…


  • Turn-based combat.
  • Shop, upgrade, or top up your power.
  • Youkai are a unique summoning that you can master.
  • Story and gameplay lasting 10+ hours.


Youkai can be defeated with your demon-vanquishing power or by summoning friendly youkai to your aid. Explore and master an advanced battle system that features five unique attributes, character compatibility, and more.

    Release accumulated Karma to activate powerful, demon-vanquishing hidden arts—use these as your trump card when the going gets tough.
    When your party members fall in battle around you, you’ll become enraged and more powerful than ever. Unleash your hard-won wrath wisely—you might be able to save your friends yet!
    By combining captured youkai with each other, they’ll inherit unique attributes, powering up their stats and battle potential.

The Developer: Debonosu Works
RatingAdult Only, Censored With Mosaics
Voice: Female Voice Only

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