Ogiue Maniax status update for February 2024: Bang Blog, Bang Bloggern


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It’s February, which means the day everyone with romance in their hearts looks forward to.

That’s right: It’s new Precure Anime time. And with Precure Full bloom You can also find out more about the following: Soarin’ Sky Precure finished, I’m hoping to have reviews of both series done this month.

The show that I must watch this season is Bang Brave Bang Bravern. The clash of cultures between a super robot and the gritty reality of a gritty world is hilarious. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

This month marks a special time for two of the VTubers I love. La+ Darknesss is fresh off an New outfit revealedIt will be her first solo performance. It’s sponsored by Nissin UFO yakisoba, of all things. Meanwhile, Hakos Baelz will be celebrating her February 29 birthday with streams every day (and hopefully won’t collapse from overwork). After the recent string of unfortunate VTuber incidents, I’m looking forward to some good times.

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Blog highlights for January:

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I will definitely be posting more about my Japan trip! They may even go beyond February.

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