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This bundle includes the Custom Order Maid 3D2 Soft Cuddly Girl personality pack and the Soft Cuddly Girl content for the GP-01Fb and GP02 DLCs.

  • Soft Cuddly Girls personality pack
  • Soft Cuddly Girls for GP-01
  • Soft Cuddly girl for GP-01Fb
  • Soft Cuddly girl for GP02

Start the Soft Cuddly Girl with this bundle!

NOTE: To enjoy the full features of this DLC bundle, you will need to have the base game as well as the respective GP DLCs.

Key Features
• Over 160 yotogi skills!
• 2 ADV type pure love events!
• 4 ADV type NTR events!
• Guest mode supported! Ladylike welcomes new guests to the game!
• New costumes and hairstyles for Soft Cuddly Girl!
• You can enjoy all kinds of scenes with Soft Cuddly Girl working at Empire Club, including training, work communication, and conversations before yotogi!
• Also includes conversational events with Muku, Majime, and Rindere!

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