Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 6, Kushida’s Coming! WATCH HERE


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With Sakayanagi on a mission to throw dirt on Ayanokoji’s name, the previous episode reveals that the latter is one step ahead of her. Classroom Of The Elite Season 3 episode 6 promises to put more obstacles in her way. She has already decided to ruin Class 1-C’s reputation. Things will change, however, when a mysterious figure enters the scene. Will this character assist Ayanokoji in the upcoming examination? The Ikusei High School is showcasing the most anticipated intense strategic mindgames. It will be exciting to see what happens.

Teaser Hints at More Challenges in Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 6.

After the rumors are over, Classroom Of The Elite season 3 episode 6 will be released. “It’s Better To be Hurt By Evil Than To Do Evil,”It is likely that there will be more plotting at Koudo Ikusei. Ayanokoji and his classmates are about to face more obstacles, even though he has restored the reputation as Class 1-C. That’s because the special psychological exam is on the horizon. The special psychological exam is a mystery. The upcoming test is expected to include at least four Year 1 students.

Ayanokoji, his classmate, and their senior will go to see her, who appears to be immersed in her studies. Classroom of the Elite Season 3The teaser for episode 6 suggests Sakayanagi may lose everything. After losing to Ayanokouji, she decides to take charge and prove to everyone that she’s the best. As the tension rises, Ichinose Honami’s shoplifting crimes will also come to the limelight. Ayanokoji will help everyone.

The preview clip also sheds some light on a suspect character. It is still unclear who the person will be but it will make things more dramatic for students. Classroom Of The Elite Season 3 Episode 6 will also hint at Ayanakoji and Sakayanagi’s confrontation. Will it take on a darker tone?

Quick Recap

The last thing we saw was the sneak attack rumors surfaced that affected Class 1-C’s reputation. While it gravely impacted everyone’s life, Ishizaki Daichi and Ibuki Mio decided to delve deeper into this mystery. They suspected Hashimoto Masayoshi as soon as the pair stepped into water. However, she did this under Sakayanagi’s orders, who ensured to cause more chaos in Ichinose’s life. She manipulated Class B and Class A students to create chaos.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 3 Episode 6

While the rumors took a nasty turn, Ichinose confessed that she stole an idol’s hairclip. Her intention was pure. She only wanted to see a smile on her younger sister’s face. Ichinose said that she apologized and had already returned. After hearing her side of the story, her classmates began to support her.

Nagumo, a teacher and the student body president, intervened to put an end all the rumors. But this defeat only made Sakayanagi even more furious. She later learned it was all part of Ayanokoji’s plan, which aimed another sinister plan to cause trouble for Sakayanagi.

Release Date for Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 6.

The next episode will be broadcast soon. “It’s Better To Be Hurt By Evil Than To Do Evil,” will focus intensely on Ayanokoji’s next plan. Will it cause more trouble in the future? Classroom Of The Elite Season 3 Ep. 6 will air in 2024. It will be broadcast at 3 am JST in Japan on Tokyo MX as well as BS NTV AT-X KBS Kyoto Sun TV TV Aichi. Crunchyroll, Funimation and Crunchyroll are the platforms for international audiences to watch it. Stay tuned. The Anime DailyKeep you updated

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