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Ru Review: Nana


I watched this one on my own awhile ago and got through a good chunk of it again a couple months (or s0) with my boyfriend. We didn't finish it because it really isn't his cup of tea, but I still love the anime nonetheless.

Nana tells the tale of two girls who both happen to be named Nana. They end up becoming roommates and you get to find out both of their stories. Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu (nicknamed Hachi later on due to her being like a dog and to avoid further Nana confusion). The story is told from the perspective of Hachi, though occasionally you will hear it from Nana as well. With how the anime (and manga) ends you get a better understanding as to why it is Hachi who is telling the story, however... it's usually what turns people off.

Hachi takes some getting used to. In the beginning she is very obnoxious, selfish, and suffers from an insane case of tunnel vision. Gradually she grows up, but by the time she does it's a little too late for it to matter anymore. More or less it seems to be why she is telling the story of when she lived with Nana. Almost every episode starts off with her talking to Nana, implying she is no longer there. Whether she is dead, ditched Hachi, or what is entirely unknown even once the anime ends. I have yet to finish the manga, but Wiki implies that reading it will actually give you what happened that led up to the ending and further details concerning characters who are not in the final scene.

Nana Osaki is a lead vocalist for a upcoming band BLAST. They have good songs, but sadly it doesn't get varied much in the anime; I'd imagine it was to save money. For awhile her past is relatively unknown, but once it starts it's hard to not like her. I'm not sure I know anyone who prefers Hachi over Nana.

​Both girls go through realistic turmoils throughout the series. Betrayal, distancing in friendships, losing jobs, finding jobs, infidelity, sex, and the like. Apparently there is also drug abuse, but Wiki mentions it is only in the manga (in the progress of buying it all, buuut I only have up to volume 4 presently).

The dramas aren't forced. How they occur is how you could see it happening in life, making the series very relatable. Even the band has problems internally and externally.

However, there are some flaws I didn't really notice until my boyfriend complained about it.

If you do not like shojo anime... completely avoid it. Now, I don't mean magical school girls. In fact, there is a better manga/anime term for this type that I am blanking on... The audience is definitely meant to be young women. Internet says it is, "Josei."

However, this problem may also be because my boyfriend has very little relationship experience while I've dated a shit ton of losers. So for me this show hits home in certain aspects, while he doesn't have much of a reason to relate to the characters. 

Nana is rated high on many top 100 anime lists for a reason, but it's also not as high as it could be for the aforementioned reason. The targeted audience is young women, so guys may feel a bit left out watching this. Not saying guys can't enjoy it, but they are definitely not the targeted audience with this particular show.

The other thing he complained about was what he so nicely put as, "yaoi hands," referring to the fact the characters have long limbs (specifically fingers) which is commonly seen in yaoi (anime focused on homosexual males). I didn't notice it when I first watched it, though it kinda bothered me the second time around just as an artist. First time I was so involved in the story I didn't care.

Also, if you are the type of person who needs a happy ending... Nana isn't for you.  Especially if you read the manga. I wouldn't say anyone gets a "happy ending" in that show. Deaths, drug abuse, and the like.

Well, I guess Jun and some of the people Hachi went to school with might have a happy ending... they kinda stop mattering after awhile. The whole, ya know, you let go of your high school/college friends as you grow up.

If you are into realistic scenarios, humor, music, punk, or happen to be into Paradise Kiss then this is definitely the anime for you. Once you get attached to the characters you will be having feels all over the fuckin' place.

I especially felt for Nobu, Nana, and Yasu. :< Poor guys...

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NBF member

I watched a few episodes but I didn't think it would keep my interest for 50 episodes so I left it.

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Hmm... This one is in my bucket just because I have had it recommended to me time and time again. I might give it a go, now that I know not to expect a quick character development.
I am not sure I can relate with it, but I still want to give it a go.

No point using an image signature if it will only appear as a link, so have this boring text instead. 

It's in my watchlist. I have heard that the music is off the charts in this anime.

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Rouge pirate

Haven't seen it, but sounds like a basic slice of life anime?


I am planning to watch it this year. I have heard that the ost's of this anime are really great.

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Rouge pirate

(02-19-2018, 05:55 PM)Star_Of_Hope Wrote: I am planning to watch it this year. I have heard that the ost's of this anime are really great.

oooh, I do love anime that comes with great OST. I'll put this at the top of my list.


(02-19-2018, 06:32 PM)Demon_skeith Wrote: oooh, I do love anime that comes with great OST. I'll put this at the top of my list.

it's boring and if i were you i would watch something nice.


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