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Madara Uchiha(*own powers) vs. Itachi.

Poll: battle royale..
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Uchiha madara(*own powers)
5 71.43%
Itachi Uchiha
2 28.57%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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(05-05-2015, 03:17 PM)alakazam Wrote:
(06-26-2014, 02:23 AM)MadaraUchiha Wrote: Madara Uchiha..............
I had a feeling that you would answer Madara Uchiha... You don't like Itachi too much, do you?

It's not like I don't like Itachi........He is one of my personal fav's in N:S........It's just that, Madara is more powerful than Itachi.........And, Madara is not one of my favourite characters..............

" Justice is subject to dispute; might is easily recognized and is not disputed. So we cannot give might to justice, because might has gainsaid justice, and has declared that it is she herself who is just. And thus, being unable to make what is just strong, we have made what is strong just."

Itachi would win...baka toddlers!
Who do you think you are judging here eh?
I will trap all of you in my totsuka!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would generally go for madara but seeing that we never truly known the extent of itachi powers, I would probably go with itachi in this battle.


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