Naruto x Sasuke

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(08-11-2014, 11:38 PM)Mansi14 Wrote:
(08-11-2014, 11:26 PM)MelloLily Wrote:
(08-11-2014, 12:38 PM)Mansi14 Wrote: Oh...well fine then.......won't mind it x_x

Mind what?

Naruto and Hinata..
well not like me minding it would make any difference in the story Tongue

So you don't want Naruto and Hinata together? Then who do you want Naruto with?

Albert Newton

well......she wants naruto to be with sasuke....'cuz she's into Yaoi..!!...Tongue ....and....hinata 's the best there is for....naruto ..Wink

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Well i don't care anymore ,_, Naruto is too intense O_O
And i really want Naruto to be alone......
But its fine if its Hinata..

its like the feeling and everything in naruto(series) is very complicated..
too much for me.. so i am going to stop shipping for any pairs and go along with kishi...SleepyWhoosh

P.S.(to @[Albert Newton]) Ehm* ehm* ero scientist.....Don't you ever compare yaoi genre manga and this manga...I mean i like yaoi if its in the proper place (genre). I can't bear yaoi in actual good manga like naruto, one piece, etc etc.....

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(06-14-2014, 06:33 PM)Mansi14 Wrote: I don't like paring in some anime....Naruto is just one of them...

Sasuke seems like a gay to me......But Naruto seems all fine..

And there are so many things pointing towards narusasu...

Naruto always chasing after him...
Both of their first kiss to each other! Tongue (the second too...In a filler episode)
And the arc i am in..It seems that even if they die..They will die together..

Even though i don't like boyxboy pairing...
I can't think of Sakura and Hinata with Naruto...
It is hard to decide between one of them..

And let Sasuke x Karin and Sasuke x Sakura be alone.......

Sasuke is never gonna get a girl...that is what i think..
Though i don't believe that Naruto will turn into a yaoi series so maybe they both will die together in the end..Tongue

I NEVER EVER get clear about pairs in Naruto...It is just full of feelings....
But since it IS full of feeling there must the pairing thing too...Or i wouldn't have bothered to make this thread NosepickNosepick

I don't really like any of the pairs...except Minato x Kushina Whistle
Just tell me which pair do you guys prefer for Naruto and Sasuke..

I think they both should die an shinobi's death, SINGLE. Facepalm

I think sasuke is going to die really. But thats just me
Like i think its gonna be like Madara and hasiramas past and both of em die :cat:
But if i have to i wish narutoxhinata but sasukexsakura will never happen sasuke just doesn't care xDD

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I want NaruxHina to happened. InoxShika and SakuxSasku

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(08-12-2014, 01:02 PM)TheRealOne Wrote: I want NaruxHina to happened. InoxShika and SakuxSasku

Yes, no, and yes.

No on InoXShika because I pair Shikamaru with Temari.


I'm sorry but the best pair is of course Naruto x Gamabunta, you people don't know a thing do you Kappa.


I once thought this was actually cannon. When I saw they lost an arm with the blood forming a heart next to each other...

Rouge pirate

Its bro love, and nothing will come between that Tongue


Naruto x Hinata. Smile


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