Choice of Power


Which Manga/Anime power would you choose to have, and why.

  1. Hamon/Ripple(Jojo's Bizarre Adventures)

  2. Spin(Jojo's Bizarre Adventures)

  3. Death Note With Shinigami Eyes-Have to pay half of your remaining lifespan

  4. Haki(One Piece)-All three versions

  5. Hokuto Shinken(Fist of the North Star)-No physical enhancements, only destruction of pressure points

  6. Ghoul Physiology-Kagune of your choice, can only eat meat of any kind

  7. Titan Shifting-One of the titan shifters of your choice

  8. Stand(JoJo's Bizarre Adventures)-Stand has B level in all categories. Get special ability from this link-

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I am not so sure I got the point of this thread. Do you want us to choose some power from an anime character?
Or is it something else?

[Image: 6bc972f0df4d014940d3f6dfd1a3a9be.png]
Rouge pirate

I would go with Lelouch's geass power, the ability to make anyone bend a knee to me would be awesome!


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