The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe


The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe is absolutely adorable - the title itself pulled me in. Kousuke is lovable, squishy, and a source of both entertainment and reprieve. Raku is gentle, sincere, and very attentive. Together, Kousuke and Raku make the perfect pair: they help one another grow and mature, but they still act zany and go on adventures. They are both new to love but readers will see the connection right from the start. Nothing explicit but this love story definitely doesn't need it: Kousuke and Raku's love is best when it's all blushes and awkward kisses.

This is such a cute and believable story! The romance takes its time developing, and is so rewarding! The art-style is very cute, and the characters are all distinctive. If you like cute, sweet stories with tsundere main characters, I highly recommend this manga!

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Did you buy it? I don't know where to read this manga or is it a light novel?


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