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Welcome, The way I review Manga changes from time to time, I'll be doing it a bit different than normal.
I'll add the Description ranking status etc. in order Attached images are of covers for the manga.

I do not know if there's an anime adaptation.

Title: Historie

Author: Hitoshi Iwaaki

Status: Ongoing

Chapter(s): 100

Ranking: (Manga Rock 2373)

Genre: Action, Seinen, Adventure, Drama Historical.

Historie takes place in ancient Greece and follows the life and childhood of Eumenes, who historically was the secretary and general to Alexander the Great. Historie includes characters such as Aristotle and King Philip II of Macedon and begins around 343 BC, which was a time of Macedonian expansion.


Overall this is a Manga I would suggest to anyone who love history and culture.

(Note: This Story is sometimes being told as if a storyteller were reading it.)

Personal Opinions: (TL Note: Clones refer to reused characters or generic looking side characters)

While I absolutely love the artwork there are instances where the page wasn't fully drawn but the characters were fully detailed, as well as there are a lot more clones then there would normally be. Though this shouldn't dissuade you from reading this gem.

The story is fantastic adding on there may actually be a bit of truth to the history, it is not a battle heavy Manga but there are quite a few fights, and I assume with how the 100th chapter ended there'll be more battles in the future.
While there are 100 chapters it feels we're being left out on some information.

Personal Ratings: this will be how I personally grade some characteristics this Manga has, 1 being lowest 10 being highest.

Art: 10

Storyline: 9 some patches in the story and some jumps but not drastic.

Charecter design: 10 the backrounds to the characters are well writen and enjoyable to learn about.

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Looks good.
If I am into manga, then I would have picked it but I am into anime more than manga ._.

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Rouge pirate

Is it like gintama? Or is it just another historical one like arslan senki?

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(10-26-2017, 12:58 AM)KuranKaname Wrote: Is it like gintama? Or is it just another historical one like arslan senki?



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