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(01-16-2018, 11:41 AM)Kamikaze Wrote: You think it's worth it if I take a beginners class in japanese? A class that can teach me the fundamentals in reading/writing/speaking and then kind of learn everything myself after that? Just so I can learn the basics in a structured format and then move on from there. 

In my opinion, classes are usually scams.
You pay tonnes of money for a half hour or full hour session a week, and you'll never be told to practise outside the classroom.
Too many people tried to learn languages that way, and still failed to know anything about that after 5 years of classes.

Your better bet would be to get one or more teacher(s) from Italki (lessons go over Skype), and schedule around 3 or 4 half hour sessions spread over every week.
They normally cost 10 to 17 US dollars per hour, which is still way cheaper than a classroom, and you'll learn way quicker.


Go for Skype learning only if you have good internet speed and if you could keep up with those timings. Otherwise it's a waste of money too


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