Characters that look better in the anime than the manga

Rouge pirate

Are there any characters that you think look better (are better drawn, have nicer looking features) in the anime than in the manga?

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Rouge pirate

Can't say I've ever seen an anime outdo manga graphics since Manga drawing is done with quality in mind unlike anime.


I can only think in Lucky Star, and it is not so much that the anime got a better style, it is just that being a long ongoing publication the manga author changed his style so the current appearance doesn't match the original ones starting up the manga. I think also One Piece had a similar situation with the manga.

In that sense I think the anime versions helped to bring out the polished designs.

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I can't think of one. Normally, it's the other way around.
Characters look good in anime when compared to the manga

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Almost all characters look better in My Hero Academia anime, with the exception of Tomura. He doesn't look as creepy in the anime.

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