Would you recommend me to watch anime or to read manga for Shounen Fighting Anime?

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What I mean is... Shounen manga like Naruto or Bleach or DragonBall don't properly give you good sensations or feelings and the fighting scenes are most of the times so bad and very hard to understand what is really happening in each scene, so I personally would prefer to recommend to watch to the anime rather than to read the manga. Do you agree with me?

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Yes, I agree with you. The anime does seem to be more entertaining than the manga as far as the series you mentioned are concerned...


I disagree with you, as a self-proclaimed bookworm, I prefer reading the manga first, then the Anime.

I am not so sure. Some people can picture stuff better than the others
So it would be cool for them to read manga but for anime...it's great but at times it is boring because of the drag in the story....most of the time anime makers wI'll try to maintain some safe story between anime and manga. [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]


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