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kaguya past

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06-18-2014, 09:33 PM #1
well I found this theory in fb pages and it almost cleared my questions.

I'm guessing that Kaguya isn't actuallythe villain here.

We all know that she ate the forbiddenfruit of the God Tree ( which itself is the Juubi ) to stop people from fighting and to bring about peace.

But for some reason, the people started fearing her as a 'Demon' instead of respecting her as a goddessfor stopping the war.

The reason could be:
By consuming the fruit of the tree, sheended up being controlled by the Juubi and began to follow its "will". Overtime, she gave in to the will of theJuubi, and finally became a part of it. Under Juubi's control her lust for power increased and her ideas becametwisted, which explains why she used infinite tsukuyomi on people. ( It wasn't actually her who had twisted ideas and who used the infinite tsukuyomi. It was Juubi making her do these things. )

Her sons, however, realized this and decided to seal the Juubi along with their mother, who was a part of the Juubi. In short, her sons must have sealed her because they had no other choice, and Kaguya must have been a loving mother before giving in to the will of the Juubi.Everything was supposed to end when Kaguya was sealed. But before being sealed, the Juubi let out or escaped asBlack Zetsu to do all that planning andrevive Kaguya, and thus reviving itself as the Juubi.

I'm pretty sure that she actually has a very sad and heart-touching story behind her, just like Itachi and Nagato.We all know how Kishimoto portrayed them as villains before, and then they turned out to be the good guys. The same thing happened with Obito.Kaguya must have been brave enough to eat the forbidden fruit and to stop the wars among the people in her time, which explains why she was first called a "Goddess". In simple words, she must have been one of the good guys.

In the latest chapter, her tears after remembering her sons must have been genuine, and shows that she loved her two sons. When she said," I hate... you.", that must have been the Juubi who said that, not Kaguya, implying that the Juubi hates the two sons for sealing him, and is now seeking revenge.

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