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Why Anime is so popular?

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F4nnZ Offline Newbie
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12-02-2014, 10:14 AM #11
Its because anime is epic, its usually well written, the animations are better than ordinary cartoons.

Mansi14 Away B~A~K~A
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01-30-2015, 09:53 PM #12

Allenafaith Offline Newbie
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09-22-2015, 06:23 AM #13
I've heard alot of people that watch it to help learn other languages and that is one of the reasons I watch a little bit of anime. It's really great for that reason to me.

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Elvis Offline Vice Captain
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09-26-2015, 01:03 AM #14
I think it is because it became popular in Japan, and Japan makes a lot of it, so eventually it started being dubbed and subbed in other languages, exported in other countries... The stories, the animation and the style impressed the Western civilization because it was unique and entertaining, so it became popular all over the world...

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Demon_skeith Offline Vice Captain
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09-26-2015, 02:40 PM #15
Should be noted that the anime block Toonami greatly helped anime get a foot in the USA and is mostly why it thrives today.

Sebastian Offline Warlord
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09-27-2015, 10:47 PM #16
Because it's anime my bro/lady xD
anime is hella good. it doesn't focus on childish cries and it surpases normal boring plots.
what else do ya want from anime?

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