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Some SEO tips for all the users

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Claraviolet Offline Akatsuki
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08-18-2015, 03:36 PM #1
Keyword Density, Prominence, Proximity 

1. Keyword Density Means: The number of keywords used in a an article, for example your article is about beauty tips, and you wrote an article on this topic up to 500 words, so simply you can repeat the keyword "Beauty Tips" about 15 (3%) times maximum and 10 (2%) times normally. The best practice is keeping the keyword density up to 2%. However, the maximum limit is 3% but that should never be used. 

2. Keyword Prominence Means: The placement of your keyword in an article is called "Keyword Prominence", something like if you want to use the Keyword in the starting of the article, in the starting of the title or in the starting of your permalink. Highly recommended placement for keyword prominence is; using the keyword in at the top, for example in the starting of the page title, starting of the permalink, starting of the description or even in starting of the paragraph. 

3. Keyword Proximity Means: The distance between one word and another word of the keyword is called "Keyword Proximity", for example if my keyword is "SEO Tips 2014" and I write the title of the article something like this "SEO Tips & Tricks for 2014", this means I've used 80% keyword proximity because the exact words of the keyword has a distance up to one word, as the two words "SEO Tips" are ok but the 2014 has distance.

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