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Official review of gosick, from OPF!

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Star_Of_Hope Offline Akatsuki
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04-26-2015, 12:43 PM #1
The name gosick somehow got into the picture while translating the word "Gothic" from Japanese. The anime is related to the detective genre where a little girl solves various cases with the help of her, friend.

Story line: A little girl, victorica, who is called as "the fairy" with her long  hair and a shut-in resides at the top floor of a, very old school library. Of course, she is a student but she barely goes to school and thus the name "fairy" came into picture.

When, Kazuya Kujo, enters into that school as an exchange student, somehow he stumbled upon victorica.

Even though Kujo is smart, his wisdom is nowhere near victorica, who solves "actual cases". Some people call vicotica as "Okami(gray wolf)" for her wisdom. Her past, her family,  her circumstances, moves Kujo a lot. He decided to protect Vicotica, and thus their adventures, get into a whole new level with life threatening dangers.


Victorica: A small doll-like girl with a big attitude problem. She is innocent to the point of naivety. She can't sit still and she gets bored when there is nothing amusing for her to do. She protects a necklace given by her mom. She treats kujo like a servant but as the story develops they become friends.

Kujo: A person because of his black hair is often called as "Shinnigami". The added effect is the "season spring" the time of his transfer. He helps vicotrica, from getting hurt physically more than once. He is smart but he can called as a dumb one when compared to victorica.

Grevil: A detective who is "supposed" to be solving various cases, as part of his career path but ends up, taking victorica's help each and every time. He takes the name which is meant to be victorica's. He is also her brother, which is revealed later in the story. No matter what his feelings are, deep inside, he cares for his little sister more than he thinks.

Cordelia: Victorica's mother. Even though she hated victorica's father, she can't help but love victorica as her own flesh and blood. She takes care of victorica by being in the shadows. She is identical to victorica in many ways. Her screen time is small in the anime.


Art: 10/10

Character development: 8/10

Story: 8/10

Sound tracks: 8/10

Overall rating: 8.3/10

[Image: 6bc972f0df4d014940d3f6dfd1a3a9be.png]]

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