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Manhwa Review – The Breaker

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03-24-2015, 03:24 PM #1
Manhwa Review – The Breaker

Genres: Action,Comedy,Martial Arts (maybe more….not sure)
Status: Finished (a sequel exists)
Sequel: The Breaker - New Waves
Rating: 17+ (violence and profanity)
I’ll start by pointing out that ‘The Breaker’ is a manhwa (a Korean comic … in simple terms). It centers the story around a young boy named, “Yi-Shioon” (time for you to memorize that name) who’s a coward by all means initially (The reason he becomes the victim to constant bullying in his school). He always gets beat up and mugged by Chang-Ho (the bully) and his gang; and because of having a linear and sad life like that, he ultimately tries to end his misery by suicide.

The story commences pretty much like any other sad slice of life manga there is but the introduction of a specific character (followed by many others) is what makes this manga one of my favorites. That specific character’s a new extraordinary (English) teacher (the name’s Han,ChunWoo…I know it’s not easy to remember but oh well, we gotta do what we gotta do) in that school. His character may at first seem like that of a lazy, fun-seeking young boy but it’s not actually. He turns out to be a master of nine arts (of fighting) and an enemy to the Murim world.

(Murim-ins are people blessed with extraordinary fighting abilities. The problem is that they're restricted to come in contact with normal humans in order to keep peace in both worlds and anyone who opposes this rule becomes an enemy of several Murim communities). 

He observes Shioon (the protagonist) and despises his cowardice. On the other hand, Shioon, after secretly witnessing a street brawl (involving HanChunwoo), learns about his teacher’s unbelievable martial arts skills. (Now I must inform you that when I say “martial arts”, I’m not referring to the one we know in our world….you’ll know when you read this *giggles*). 

Wanting to become stronger, Shioon pleads to his teacher to teach him how to fight and ultimately becomes Han’s apprentice after going through a series of life-threatening (yet hilarious) events. What Shioon didn't know was the fact that his stepping in the world of Murim will lead to several dangerous events for both him and his teacher.

All of this’s just a glance at the beginning of the amazing story you may want to unveil soon. A lot of stuff happens afterwards which involves deep insights into HanChunWoo’s past, his pursuit for reven..*cough* nothing nevermind. I would not go forward on the plot and spoil it any further for you here.

Now let’s get to the boring part of this review…

The art is done by Park, Jin-Hwan and I believe it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

The main characters as well as the supporting ones are unique and very entertaining both in the original story and in its sequel (New Waves). 

Each and every fight in this manhwa is nothing less than epic in my opinion. The only flaw I could find with this manhwa was that it starts off very slowly and I felt like it picks up the pace around chapter 9-10 (I’m NOT saying the first 10 aren’t good). It has a great mixture of action and comedy and never fails to entertain (what else do we want?). 

The sequel to this manhwa, “The Breaker:New Waves” is ongoing right now with 151 chapters (all the more reason to start reading this immediately).

That covers most of the points I wanted to babble about. Now I’ll score it as I see fit...

Story – 8/10 ~It was pretty good but not one of the bests.
Art – 10/10 ~I found myself re-reading many pages just because of the amazing quality it possessed.
Characters – 9.5/10 ~I loved almost all the characters (including many antagonists as well).
Enjoyment – 10/10 ~EPIC!
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For all the lazy people, here's the link to reading the chapters online: 
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

You may want to support the authors by buying the genuine volumes when they come out in your country.
Oh, I almost forgot. *ahem* Thanks for reading....umm....↑that. Smile 


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