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Ghost in the Shell anime review by sindar

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03-24-2015, 03:22 PM #1
Ghost in the Shell

People often divide anime on "new" and "old". And even though there never was any agreement on what is "old" and what is "new", people use those terms when talking about anime all the time. So let me ask you, have you ever watched an "old" anime? Or better, have you ever found an old anime that you liked? If not, let me ask you this. Would you like to watch a good, yet old show? And that is an important question, because if the answer is "no" there is no reason for you to read the rest of this review Tongue

Why I picked Ghost in the Shell for this review? There are a three major reasons. First, this one has great high-quality animation. I think even those who don't like old style hand-drawn animation won't have any problems with this show. I heard people saying about Ghost in the Shell looks just as good as modern shows (even though in truth it looks way better ^_^).

To explain the second reason why I picked it, I have to dive in into the show and explain what is it about. Ghost in the Shell is a movie about future, time where everyone is connected to a computer network. And I mean, they do plug in wires into their bodies. And the movie tells us a story about a special police force that tries to find someone who is, more or less, hacking people's minds, using this network. In this world people not only are connected to a computer, but also have partially cybernetic bodies. Some only have their brain left from what they were born with. So in the end, the idea of what is a human has become hazy.

And what do you think would happen in such a society if a machine, or any other thing that was not born, but made, would start to think as a sapient being? How would you distinguish people from machines? How would you treat such machines?

If you are interested than watch this movie. It is not that long, only 90 minutes. In my opinion it is one of the best animated movies ever made. And if you happened to like this one, you know, there are many-many more anime that deal with those kind of questions. This theme was pretty popular in the older anime. That is the second reason why I did pick this movie for my second review. And the third reason is that Ghost in the Shell has great music. And that music alone is a good enough reason to watch this anime. 


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